3 Months of Smartsheet Support


Smartsheet is an amazing tool, but sometimes you need a little extra help from an experienced admin.

Our team of experienced Smartsheet developers, are on point to support and help identify and resolve potential issues. With over twenty years of experience, our team can help maintain and optimize your Smartsheet environment.

Depending on your bandwidth, you decide the scope and frequency of support needed.

Smartsheet Support includes:

1. Establishing Goals and Objectives: Work with stakeholders to define the goals and objectives for hours.
2. Establishing the Plan: Develop a plan that outlines the steps, timeline, resources, and responsibilities needed to successfully implement the solution.
3. Build: Our consultants will build based on client specifications. Our approach is to reuse existing tools where possible to deliver value beyond the hours billed.
4. Test the System: Test the system to ensure that it is functioning as expected and that all features are working properly.
5. Deploy: We will deploy our work to your live environment
6. Monitor the System: Monitor the system after implementation to identify any issues or areas for improvement.
7. Make Improvements: Make improvements to the system as needed to ensure that it is meeting the goals and objectives of the organization.
8. Knowledge Transfer: Provide knowledge transfer to system admins on how to maintain the software and its features.

This purchase covers 3 months of support with a maximum of 30 hours across those three months.